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  • The Morning News

    Welcome to our 3rd edition

    The Morning News is an annual collection of articles and case studies intended to help teachers and students create quality, professional news broadcasts.

  • Interviewing


    Interviewing people about their life gives us insight into the world in which we live.

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  • On-Air

    Delivery, Presentation and Style

    The challenge is to present material in a way that engages the audience and sets you apart from your competition.

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  • Broadcast Journalism

    Broadcast Sports Writing

    Ethics is sometimes defined as "motivation based on ideas of right and wrong.".

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  • Producing the Weather

    A Special Segment

    While other parts of your news show may get stale, weather is always a developing story.

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  • Production

    Back to Basics

    The basics you need to plan and produce quality news broadcasts for your school, students and viewers.

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  • Case Studies

    Case Studies and Articles

    Real-world examples of the concepts presented in The Morning News.

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  • Some Don'ts and Dos to Remember +

    While your subject is talking: Read More
  • Planning the Interview / Developing Your Questions +

    Thoughtful interviews are well planned. Planning means contacting your subjects, explaining your story and why you need their input.  Read More
  • What Should I Wear for My Interview? +

    Sometimes your subjects will ask what to wear for the interview. Read More
  • What if They Don't Want to Talk with You? +

    If someone does not want to be interviewed, that's certainly his or her right. Read More
  • Setting the Stage for an Interview +

    In a noninvestigative situation, the main reason for interviewing people is to get information that is generally not known to Read More
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  • Delivery +

    With proper breath support and a relaxed and healthy throat, vocal cords and mouth, the broadcaster can focus on developing a Read More
  • Voice Quality +

    Breathing and speaking come so naturally that most people don't think about them in their daily routine. Read More
  • Live Shots +

    Broadcasters are increasingly called upon to use their professional voice and presentation skills in live telecasts. Read More
  • Presenting Stand-Ups +

    The television news professional must develop skill in presenting the stand-up effectively. Read More
  • Nervousness +

    Knowing that thousands of people will be watching you cranks up the pressure and prompts nervous responses. Read More
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Broadcast Journalism

  • Common Usage Mistakes +

    Reporters should avoid common mistakes in word usage. Read More
  • Why be a Journalist? +

    We ask our fellow citizens to entrust us with a valuable role in society— providers of an objective and clear Read More
  • Using Active Voice +

    Generally, writing is more interesting when the writer describes someone doing something, rather than something being done to someone. Read More
  • Libel +

    Libel law provides protection against defamation of a person's reputation. Read More
  • Legal Considerations +

    Every news story hurts someone—or so it is often said. Read More
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  • Backtiming the News +

    Get your rundown cooking. Back-timing is the key. Read More
  • Broadcast News Production +

    In news and documentary work, the safest and most professional approach to handling controversial subject matter is to suppress your Read More
  • Capturing Good Audio +

    News videographers do more than shoot video. They shoot for sound as well. Read More
  • Choreographing your Student Newscast +

    Choreographing or pre-planning your newscast is done at every TV station and should be done properly at your school. Read More
  • Communicating in the Studio +

    Hand signals,Cue Cards, Prompters, and IFB Read More
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Inside the Show: Current OC News

A great "Behind the Scenes" look at how a group of talented high school students create their award-winning weekly news program. If you've ever been curious to know what it takes to plan and execute an entire newscast on television you won't want to skip over this educational documentary.

In this video the student staff of "Current OC" explain each of their jobs to the viewer. The video then concludes with an uninterrupted multi-camera experience taking viewers behind the scenes of an actual broadcast--in real-time, as it happens, featuring the embedded audio of the director's track.

Read more about Inside the Show here

Special Report: Weather Sells


The story of weather is constantly changing. While other parts of your news show may get stale, weather is always a developing story. By adding a weather segment to your news show you’re not only switching things up in the rundown, but it mixes up the flow of personality. Mixing up the content of your show will attract the audience, guaranteed.

Producing the perfect meteorology segment takes a good amount of planning and you don’t want to mess this up. In order to give your audience the best presentation possible, you need to know the do’s and dont’s of being an on air meteorologist. The most important thing to do is prepare.

The Morning News is pleased to present 6 articles to help you present a professional weather segment to your viewers.  Read the whole series here

Case Studies

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