Broadcast News Production

In news and documentary work, the safest and most professional approach to handling controversial subject matter is to suppress your own views and biases and  present both sides of the issue as fairly as possible.

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Interview Camera Set-ups

You have many choices as to how to shoot an inverview, determined in part by the story, the style of the movie, availablity of equipment, size of the crew and the amout of physical space in which to shoot. 

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Intuitive Work Flow for Newsrooms

Teaching News Production at your school may be called a number of things, Broadcast Journalism, TV/Video production, Digital Media Arts, Communication Arts, Visual Arts, Video Journalism, Multimedia Arts and many others. 

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Shooting Interviews

Composing good shots is a skill that can always be improved, but steady shots, with a full screen of information guided by the rule of thirds, are sure to be effective.

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The Television Studio

Studios are designed to handle a variety of productions with their wide open spaces and are equipped to hang and supply power to lights. Studios are ideal, because they protect productions from the impact of weather such as snow and rain, they are independent from the time of day (productions can be lit as though it is day­ light), and they allow for sound control.

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