01 Word NewWhile your subject is talking:

01 Word NewThoughtful interviews are well planned. Planning means contacting your subjects, explaining your story and why you need their input. 

Sometimes your subjects will ask what to wear for the interview.

If someone does not want to be interviewed, that's certainly his or her right.

In a noninvestigative situation, the main reason for interviewing people is to get information that is generally not known to the reporter and the public.

Most locally produced television talk shows are put together by small staffs with limited budgets.

It often helps to do a pre-interview with a guest, although some experienced interviewers prefer not to, as they feel it may kill spontaneity.

Although interviews often seem spontaneous and unrehearsed, they require time and effort in preparation.

Interviews are integral to good journalism. They provide more than just additional voices; they provide facts, expertise, balance, depth and credibility.

Whether you're interviewing your family for grandma and grandpa's 50th anniversary, the CEO of a business for a training video, or even a politician for a news story; there are a few tried and true tips used by the pros that can help you put together a clean and polished interview.

Interviews on TV are quite common, and not just during the news. Interviews are so popular, entire shows are built around the idea of one person asking another questions.

I’ve been putting together news packages for about 3 years now.

Interviews range from casual street encounters to friendly chats and probing interviews.

Over the last two issues, Jeff Rowe has been teaching us about interviewing. In his first article, Jeff talked about interviewing Tactics and Techniques: Drawing people out and getting them to speak from the heart. Last month, he focused on the Difficult Interview. This month, Jeff teaches us how to Interview the FBI Way.

Last month, Jeff Rowe talked about interviewing Tactics and Techniques: Drawing people out and getting them to speak from the heart. This isnt always possible. If the interview is likely to be a difficult or even hostile one, be pre­pared.

Good interviewers get better material because they are able to put the people they interview at ease, establish a rapport, and win their trust.

Interviewing people about their life gives us insight into the world that we live in.