01 Word NewWith proper breath support and a relaxed and healthy throat, vocal cords and mouth, the broadcaster can focus on developing a clear, interesting delivery style.

01 Word NewBreathing and speaking come so naturally that most people don't think about them in their daily routine.

01 Word NewBroadcasters are increasingly called upon to use their professional voice and presentation skills in live telecasts.

01 Word NewThe television news professional must develop skill in presenting the stand-up effectively.

01 Word NewWhen the reporter appears on camera during a news package, this is a stand-up.

01 Word NewKnowing that thousands of people will be watching you cranks up the pressure and prompts nervous responses.

To be mic conscious is to be always aware that the misuse of a microphone will result in a flawed or failed performance.

You can practice television delivery with or without equipment.

For many people, the first few experiences before the camera are unsettling.

If you have any role in news presentation, particularly in the studio, you are going to be involved with the teleprompter.

Like mic fright, camera panic can range from mild to wild.

Decades ago, finding your broadcast voice was simple.

Talent tips are often easier to accept when they come from an outsider.

If you work on the air at a television station, you've realized the people who make the most money are the ones who have carved themselves a niche as a TV personality.

Teleprompter Training – 10 Tips for How to Use a Teleprompter

In this article, part two of Delivering the News, we continue our discussion of the qualities you need to anchor or report in front of a camera or microphone.

Many of you have hopes of anchoring news. How long it takes you to end up at the anchor desk depends mainly on two factors.

To ensure that action begins and ends at the instant it is required, precise cueing is essential.