01 Word NewComposing good shots is a skill that can always be improved, but steady shots, with a full screen of information guided by the rule of thirds, are sure to be effective.

01 Word NewAfter considering the major news stories of the day, the list of stories the reporters are working on and stories available from news services, the producer can start shaping the newscast within its overall mission.

01 Word NewGetting plenty of shots means getting plenty of B-roll.

01 Word NewNews videographers do more than shoot video. They shoot for sound as well.

As a broadcast educator, it’s your responsibility to teach the teleprompter operator effectively in order to run a smooth, engaging broadcast.

The first thing to accept is that you won't have enough time,

Hand signals,Cue Cards, Prompters, and IFB

Studios are designed to handle a variety of productions with their wide open spaces and are equipped to hang and supply power to lights. Studios are ideal, because they protect productions from the impact of weather such as snow and rain, they are independent from the time of day (productions can be lit as though it is day­ light), and they allow for sound control.

As we saw last month, a good rundown program that calculates back-times can be a useful tool in planning and organizing a television newscast and making sure it runs to time.

Get your rundown cooking. Back-timing is the key.

You have many choices as to how to shoot an inverview, determined in part by the story, the style of the movie, availablity of equipment, size of the crew and the amout of physical space in which to shoot. 

Choreographing or pre-planning your newscast is done at every TV station and should be done properly at your school.

Today there are more choices than ever for anyone looking to buy a teleprompter. 

Visualize two anchors relaying the news on an evening newscast. Except for the weather and sports anchors, the two news anchors are the foundation of the program;

Producing is an exceptionally difficult art. The time constraints are brutal:

Teaching News Production at your school may be called a number of things, Broadcast Journalism, TV/Video production, Digital Media Arts, Communication Arts, Visual Arts, Video Journalism, Multimedia Arts and many others. 

In news and documentary work, the safest and most professional approach to handling controversial subject matter is to suppress your own views and biases and  present both sides of the issue as fairly as possible.

Putting together a newscast that is informative, compelling, engaging and interesting is one of journalism's great challenges.

As a follow up to the article last spring regarding the EZNews Newscast Production System, School Video News has asked us to create a series of articles related to frequently asked questions regarding newscast productions.  This month, we’ll visit the topic of script writing for a teleprompter.

8 Steps to Writing Better Scripts and Making Yourself a Better Teleprompter Operator  

Ask any student in this high school media studies program what they like about it and you’ll hear the same thing:  they don’t like it; they love it!